It is hard to define why people everywhere fall so intuitively in love with Gold, but when we take this precious metal in our hand, we cannot help but feel the pulse of its exceptional resonance, and universally we appreciate that there is something quite extraordinary about this metal, something we cannot quite explain but know to be true.

Science believes gold was created at the heart of our expanding universe, eons before our time, from the explosive shockwaves of a dying supernova. Particles of this precious metal dispersed throughout the cosmos, and many millennia later, as our newly forming planet spun uncontrollably through our solar system, we drew to our atmosphere much of this magical substance. Over time we have found seams of Gold in almost every corner of our world.

Our body contains at least 0.2 mg of gold that is essential to our health, and to ancient civilizations Gold was a treasured and precious medicine. Ingesting Gold was thought to increase longevity and good health. It is not a mistake that the three wise men brought Gold, Frankincense and Myrrh to baby Jesus, as these three medications were considered the most healing, anti-microbial defence against disease available at the time. Today people still drink colloidal gold for its health benefits, and Frankincense and Myrrh continue to purify dwellings across the globe. 

The oldest known precious metal and the most malleable and ductile of them all, Gold is chemically inert, nontoxic, does not rust, fade, or oxidize in air or water, and is unaffected by heat and most acids. Seemingly fragile gold is in fact almost indestructible. Golden treasure, found thousands of years after it was buried, is discovered still shining brightly and completely unchanged by time.

For as long as we can remember Gold has symbolized our purity of spirit and divine sense of self. From the golden halos of the saints to the gilded Buddha’s of the East, and the faithful gold bands of marital love, we have used Gold to remind us of the most pure and refined essence of goodness we can hold inside ourselves, and through this tangible remembrance we boost our appreciation of this state. 

Our heart swells when we connect with the frequency of Gold, and if we look a little deeper into this experience, we realize our heart swells not for love we would like to receive but for the joy of sharing the love we have to give. The subtle oscillations of Gold flood our energetic field with a wish to share our love. For Gold liberates the wellspring of love we so often keep restrained inside ourselves. Initially we may believe Gold is filling us with love, but Gold is in fact only encouraging us to open the floodgates of the reservoir of love we already have inside ourselves. And as with floodgates, this is a tempered experience. Gold will never overwhelm us with love, only balance the flow to become its optimum and most beneficial. 

There is a universal law that follows, when we expend the love we have to give we will simultaneously be replenished with fresh, new love, in excess of the love we have given. In sharing our love, we restore and expand the potential love we have to give. This recurring function, over time, yields strength and stamina, supporting us to remain youthful and vitally alive throughout our life. 

This gentle warrior, the benign sovereign of metals, attracts the best of everything to us and draws from us the best of ourselves, while remaining eternally devoted to balancing and refining our essential nature of goodness and love.