How Gemstones interact with our Etheric Field

Like the pantheons of the ancient Gods, the Gemstones of the Earth illustrate every aspect of our potential personality in archetypal form, illuminating for us the choices we can make on our journey to becoming the person we want to be. They are a roadmap of the human psyche. But unlike the ancient pantheons of Gods, Gemstones are incredibly pure, always vibrating to the highest good and in so doing never fail to raise the vibration of the human they are in contact with. 

Humans are exceptionally complex; our electromagnetic field contains innumerable energetic pulses governing every aspect of our being, from the wholly functional to the most subtle choices of our mental and emotional perceptions. These electromagnetic pulses not only carry and deliver the messages of our biological form but also vibrate to the quality of our intention. 

When my children were young, I used to tell them that there was only one thing they could possibly achieve control over in this life, and even this would be hard to control, I was talking about their personality. Our personality is our gift to the world and through our intentions we create the person we want to be. Through our intentions we define the frequency we vibrate to, and the refinement and discernment of our character. It is in the wisdom of these choices that we decide the health and vitality of our life. And it is in these choices that we are different to the Gemstones and pantheistic Gods. 

Being archetypes, Gemstones can only be what they are. They cannot change. For eternity they will pulse to the same vibration, or pattern of vibrations, their nature is fixed. Humans have choice and the ability to change. This is where the Gemstones can be our greatest ally. For if we have taken a wrong turn or found ourselves stuck in a quality that is unhelpful, or even destructive to our nature or happiness, we can use the strength of the Gemstones steadfast frequencies to gently nudge us back on track. 

Like a homeopathic remedy, or a kind of cosmic osteopathy Gemstones help us to re-calibrate our energy field, assisting us to make the adjustments needed to follow our most favoured and beneficial path in life. Gemstones are also the wisdom keepers of these various vibrational resonances. There is enormous wisdom in the Gemstones. The cardinal knowledge at the core of our moral choices is held in their primordial pulses. 

Our moral compass is quite literally magnetic. Whatever choices we make, the moral standpoints we choose to take, in these choices we create frequencies inside ourselves that magnetically attract compatible frequencies in others who are creating the same mental and emotional vibrations as our own. Our thoughts and feelings deeply affect the vibrational frequencies we manifest and attract.

Enjoy the celestial storehouse of our beautiful planet’s divine resonances, and the intelligence held within them, that will re-awaken knowledge you already have inside you. Wisdom and nuances you can recall as easily as opening a window to let in the breeze. Allow the pulses of insight alive in the gemstones to bring health and harmony to your consciousness and everyday life.