Love is the most pure, profound, positive, and powerful frequency of all the cosmic resonances permeating the universe. Boundless and inexhaustible love is the energy at the heart of everything. Omniscient, omnipresent, and omnipotent, love is an inexorable force available to all of us, everywhere and at all times. 

We are born of love, filled to brimming with love from the first spark of our creation. When we are close to a baby, we know this to be true. Babies are overflowing with love. Love pours from them so profoundly the strength of their love’s vibration permeates the environment around them. If we are nearby, we feel drawn to love, even when we have no particular reason to feel love for this baby. 

We were all babies once, and this frequency is our life’s blood and the fountainhead of our existence. As we grow, our innate reservoir of love can be challenged and depleted. From our first experience of this, we appreciate that it is our responsibility to refill our reservoir of love. And with this realization we come to understand the most important thing to know about love, which is that love is a choice. To keep our reservoir of love brimming with this magnificent frequency, all we have to do is remember to choose love. Every minute of every day of our lives, if we remember to ask for it, love will flow into us and fill us. 

When we ask love to fill us, we will feel it entering through the many receptive energy centres running up our spine and across the back of our body. It feels as though clouds of love are flowing into us from behind. You may feel love billowing out to the front of you as though it is leaving but it is not, it is filling your etheric field. Like the atmosphere around the earth, our etheric field extends beyond our physical body. Love will flow to the outer reaches of this, similar to how air fills our planet’s atmosphere.

Negative energies do not like to be around love. When we fill ourselves with love we drive negative frequencies from our energy field. Love, being what it is, creates an environment wherever it is, that makes it difficult for negative elements to thrive. 

As love enters and flows through us, we may feel where there is resistance to it. It is almost as though love flows around these dense areas, but we can penetrate resistant elements in our energy field by giving our attention to them and asking love to enter here. It may take a minute, and sometimes longer, but love will penetrate and dissolve the negative energies that have settled there. Sometimes this can feel uncomfortable, occasionally creating headaches or other energetic discomfort, but so long as we are calling for love, the most pure, profound, and powerful energy of the universe, we can rest assured that it will only do good. 

Love is intelligent, and when we allow love to fuel our mind as well as our body, as it flows to the core of every aspect of our being, this vital ingredient helps us to cleanse all that is unhelpful from our feelings and conversations with ourselves. As the past lives on in our thoughts and feelings, we appreciate we cannot rewind, but we can re-choose. If we allow love to be the fuel of our re-choosing, it will refine our thoughts and feelings to bring wisdom to our discernment. With the fuel of love, when we choose again, we will choose better every time. 

Remember we are the embodiment of love, from before our first breath we have pulsed with the vibration of love. Whatever has happened in the intervening years to dull this experience, we can always reconnect to it. In the Gemstones we find an abundance of the refined resonances that draw us back to love and the wisdom that grows so effortlessly in this esteemed frequency. Over time, as we keep ourselves continuously filled with love, we create an internal environment that supports us to maintain good mental, emotional, spiritual, and physical health throughout our lives. 

Take a look at my Love meditation in the Three Meditations Journal entry. It is such an easy meditation to do, and so beneficial for our entire energetic field. Do it regularly and it will support you to stay buoyant and aligned with the most beneficial resonance of all time.