Understanding our Etheric Field

We cannot see it, but we can feel it, and we can sense it in others. When we experience someone’s silent happiness or unspoken anxiety, we are reading their Etheric field with our own. When our Etheric field is vital, we feel youthful and energized, and when our Etheric field is weak, we feel tired and vulnerable to illness. 

The earliest academics identified the five elements: Earth, Air, Fire, Water and Ether. Ether is the Greek word for breath or Soul. Since the first philosophers defined it, Ether has been believed to be the essence that enters our body at the beginning of life and leaves with us at the end. Our Etheric field is the architecture that holds our spiritual self in our physical form, the energetic framework that unifies this etheric or spiritual essence within our human being. 

Etheric energy is charged cosmic energy, and our Etheric field is the system that absorbs and processes Etheric energy within and around our body. The blueprint of our Etheric field is similar to the blueprint of our nervous system, but it is not biological, it is an electromagnetic circuitry. Think of it as a myriad of electromagnetic pulses, a communication of primordial resonances that have always and will always exist. From plants to planets, everything has an Etheric field – an exclusive, individual, electromagnetic impression. 

Every cell of our body has its own electromagnetic circuitry with a positive and negative charge, that together create the pulse of polarity directing their vitality and quality of life. So too, in a more sophisticated and complex system, our body brings order and harmony to the varying and disparate elements of our being through electromagnetic pulses. Each person creates an immaculate combination of energetic resonances, these differing combinations of vibrational frequency create an energetic architecture that is entirely and uniquely our own.